Ärzteblatt: Roche spürt digitalisierungs­bedingte Veränderungen in der Diabetesversorgung

Smart Pens Will Improve Insulin Therapy On December 14, 2017, the first FDA-approved smart pen for insulin was launched.3 This device can record the amount and timing of each insulin dose and wirelessly transmit the information via Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app. This associated smartphone application (app) also tracks insulin-on-board, makes dosing recommendations, and […]

DAZ: Die virtuelle Diabetesklinik wird Realität Anfang des neuen Jahres geht Sanofi in den USA mit seiner „virtuellen Diabetesklinik“ an den Start. Diese ging aus einer Kooperation mit dem Unternehmen Verily hervor. Verily gehört zum Google-Konzern (Alphabet Company). Drei private Krankenkassen sind Partner des Programms. In den USA sind solche digitalen Programme erstattungsfähig.

HIT Consultant: Accenture, Roche to Develop Data-Driven Analytics Platform for Diabetes Patients Accenture is collaborating with Roche to develop a data-driven core analytics platform for Roche’s digital diabetes ecosystem. Under the terms of a five-year agreement, the new platform will be built on the Accenture Intelligent Patient Platform and offered to diabetes patients across North […]

HIT Consultant: Novo Nordisk & Glooko Launch Integrated Diabetes Management App The integrated app concept will initially enable people with diabetes to easily measure and track their blood glucose, activity and meals all in one place, and serve as the framework for additional jointly-developed digital tools from Novo Nordisk and Glooko. The C4C App uses […]

HIT: DarioHealth Expands Cloud-based Diabetes Monitoring Devices to U.K. Market

CNBC: Apple has a secret team working on the holy grail for treating diabetes Apple has a secret group of biomedical engineers developing sensors to monitor blood sugar levels, sources tell CNBC

One Drop Blood Glucose Monitoring Kit for iPhone Launches on

HIT Consultant: Diabetes & Endocrinology Launch Digital Diabetes Platform for 30k Patients As part of the partnership, LMC will use ViiMed’s cloud-based platform to educate, coach, and empower patients to adopt healthier behaviors and improve health outcomes. Patients will have access to personalized diabetes management programs that are tailored to meet their unique needs. The […]

HIT Consultant: Medtronic Integrates with Fitbit to Understand How Exercise Impacts Glucose Levels With this integration, patients with type 2 diabetes will be able to monitor their glucose levels and physical activity data via Medtronic’s iPro(TM)2 myLog mobile app.