HIT / Accenture Study: 61% of Consumers Have Used Virtual Health Assistants For example, one in five respondents (19 percent) said they have already used AI-powered healthcare services, and most said they are likely to use AI-enabled clinical services, such as home-based diagnostics (cited by 66 percent of respondents), virtual health assistants (61 percent) and […]

Smart Pens Will Improve Insulin Therapy On December 14, 2017, the first FDA-approved smart pen for insulin was launched.3 This device can record the amount and timing of each insulin dose and wirelessly transmit the information via Bluetooth to a dedicated mobile app. This associated smartphone application (app) also tracks insulin-on-board, makes dosing recommendations, and […]

DAZ zu einer IQVIA Studie: „Gesundheits-Apps könnten Milliarden sparen“ Hier der direkte Link zur IQVIA Studie. IQVIA Dort gibt es auch eine gute Zusammenfassung zum Stand der Dinge:

IQVIA Study (bisher bekannt als QuintilesIMS a.k.a. IMS Health): The Growing Value of Digital Health Ein paar ganz spannende Insights und eine überschlägige Berechnung, was der monetäre Nutzen von eHealth Apps sein kann …

HIT Consultant on Accenture: 5 Trends That Will Reshape The Healthcare Experience in 3 to 5 Years Hier die Studie Und die Trends: AI is the new UI: Healthcare Experience Above All Ecosystem Power Plays Beyond Healthcare Platforms Workforce Marketplace: Invent Your Future Healthcare Workforce Design for Humans: Inspire New Behaviors The Uncharted: Redefining the […]

World of DTC: Accenture: Pharma has no content strategy Life sciences companies are producing a massive amount of digital content—and it is growing, but lack of a content strategy and objectives puts growing investment and dollars at risk. Only 4% in med tech and 11% in pharma/biotech report they have a clearly documented content strategy […]

CRM Forum: Executive Summary: Information-Savvy Customers Now Control the Marketplace The Culture of Immediacy Drives Mobile-First Expectations Customers Still Value Human Connections in a Tech-Driven World New Data-Sharing Attitudes Spark Next Era of Marketing Personalization Smarter Use of Customer Information Expands Opportunities for Sales Fast, Personal Service Is Directly Linked to Customer Loyalty Download der […]

Gsrtner study: Market Guide for CRM in Pharma and Biotech Ein Key Finding: The majority of the pharma CRM vendor landscape market share is owned by two major global players, with Veeva Systems in the leadership position, challenged by IMS Health. Und die Empfehlung: Collaborate with your commercial partners in the business to review and […]